Juraj Gaspierik
Ing. (Issued by Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia)

Juraj's professional education commenced in 1993 at the Secondary Technical School of Civil Engineering of Zilina in Slovakia. He further extended his qualification at the Technical University of Kosice in Slovakia where he has completed his Masters Degree with a specialisation in Building Construction.

After graduation from University he was employed as an Independent Designer in a well renowned Design & Consulting office. He has soon established his own practice and for a period of two and a half years he was working on both small and large scale projects. Juraj joined Brazil Associates in 2006.

The nature and structure of Juraj's experience covers all stages of the building project from inception to completion. His portfolio includes residential, commercial, industrial, healthcare and leisure projects. He is proficient in computer aided design including three dimensional modelling. Juraj has a practical experience in design, project management and construction process.

Motto: Proper design creates functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasant environment around us and contributes to the better quality of our lives.