Brazil Associates approach to design is one of fully understanding the clients brief, budget and aspirations in order to realise a design solution of the highest standard.
Although every project is unique there is a similar structured process. As an RIAI registered practice we in principal follow the RIAI recommended workstages 1-8 inclusive.

  1. Inception & general services
  2. Outline proposals
  3. Scheme design and planning submission
  4. Detail design
  5. Production information
  6. Tender action
  7. Project planning for site
  8. On site construction and completion

With most architectural projects other consultants would require to be appointed. We would advise the appointment of a Quantity Surveyor as early as is feasible in any project. An independent expert to review the construction costs on the clients behalf is crucial to the success of any project. A Structural Engineer would normally if required be appointed in the early stages of any project. Other Consultants that may be required, and whom we can recommend are:

  • Mechanical & Electrical Consultants Engineers
  • Fire Safety Consultant
  • Health and Safety Consultant
  • Landscape Designers
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