Brazil Associates work extensively with older buildings requiring refurbishment, alterations and extensions. The majority of these buildings are protected structures and some in Architectural Conservation Areas as recorded in the Local Authority Development Plan. All these buildings require careful assessing of original structures to establish the best way forward for any alterations and extensions in order to ensure the buildings survival. Designing a suitable solution so that the original fabric and details of the building are respected and saved and brought to the fore is our goal. We collaborate with our Conservation team and the Local Authority Conservation Officer to secure consent for our proposals. Brazil Associates are listed as Grade III in RIAI Conservation accreditation scheme. We have proven experience in the repair and conservation and that the historic record is maintained in our buildings. We have worked extensively in Foxrock/Monkstown and Blackrock areas where most of the houses are in an Architectural Conservation Area and are protected structures. We also work on commercial protected structures including city centre offices and university buildings such as NUI Galway, where extensive alterations and interior works were completed within the curtilage of historic structures. Our approach would be to conserve the original fabric using the same traditional materials and then to express any insertions or additions in the most appropriate way to suit that particular building.

For more complex conservation structures we have put together a team of Grade I Conservation experts and we work together with our Clients and County Councils to secure planning permission and make sure that the finished building in completed to secure its survival for future generations. We would endeavour with our practical knowledge of the materials and techniques used in construction and repair of historic buildings to ensure that the historic record is maintained in our buildings.

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