Office Green Strategy

Brazil Associates Architects recognize the importance of sustainability in design into the future. We as architects have a vital role to advocate and incorporate 'green design' in building projects. We believe buildings require attention to sustainable goals from inception, during siting, massing of design, right through to specification.
Since the introduction of Building Energy Rating and the current requirements of Part L of the building regulations we have sought to achieve A2 ratings as a minimum through design and specification. Several completed projects, which set out to achieve this goal, have received A3 BER certificates.
Brazil Associates has experience of incorporating these sustainable principles into its projects, as follows:


  • Integration of energy efficient design principles
  • Passive solar building design
  • Natural and passive ventilation
  • Optimized natural day lighting design
  • Active and passive solar shading
  • Heat recovery ventilation


  • Rainwater collection
  • Grey water recycling
  • SUDS, sustainable urban drainage schemes


  • Geo-thermal heating
  • High efficiency woodchip boiler heaters
  • Intelligent controls
  • Photovoltaic panels


  • Recycled building materials specifications
  • Super insulation and glazing
  • Green roofs
  • Breathable construction
  • Air tightness detailing and specification
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